Thursday, September 08, 2005

Yarn fondling

"The package" arrived today, the package containing the Peruvian Collection Baby Silk. I immediatly ripped open the box, slipped the yarn out of it plastic, and ahem fondled it. Until I remember, oh no, this beautiful bounty was not all for me and I had just fondled someone elses yarn. I'm thinking I just broke rule #2 of the knitters code, One must NEVER fondle anothers yarn until the owner fondles it first. Well shit, now what'll I do? Screw the rule, I broke it already and she'll never know, take it all out and fondle it freely I say.

Ok, now that I have recovered from the silk encounter, I think this might be just the yarn I need for the pattern I bought yesterday. I have no restraint. I will be swatching tonight, with the baby silk doubled to see what I come up with. I would be swatching right now, but damn I left my needles at home today. The pattern is the Corset Tank from Annie Modesitt, and has been added to my ever growing list of want-to knits.

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Anonymous said...

What you fondled my yarn?