Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Have you turned blue yet?

I hope you weren't holding your breath for a picture of finished socka socks! If so keep holding! Work obligations are keeping me busier than normal (cutting into my blogging time) and besides that MY LAPTOP'S' HARDRIVE KAPUTTTTTT!!!!!!! I don't have the final diagnosis, but it's not good. I was and still am upset I still don't know if I will get all (or any) of my pictures recovered from the hard drive. Some good news though the techy told me they finally recovered files from MY DOCUMENTS which include every freakin knitting pattern known to man from the internet and otherwise!!!

So even though I am blogging I don't have the ususal get up and go. So cross your fingers and hope for the best. I must have made the knitting gods unhappy, I lost my knit mojo, I've hardly knit a stitch for weeks.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Stay tuned

On Sunday I had every intention of having a fantastic SockapalOOOza photo shoot here and posted for the Tuesday update. However, the forces of evil have conspired against me. As you see (or not see rather) there is not a sock in sight. That is because along with my internet being fritzy my camera and co-worker are a tad fritzy too. Well OK the camera wasn't but the co-worker definately is! ;-) Oh and a big "How old are you now, how old are you look like a monkey and act like one too" to the very same fritzy co-worker! He's an eligible bachelor no less. Anywhooooo, the socks. The socks arrived alive and well, and were awaiting my arrival home at the end of a busy week of almost breaking bones, cutting fingers, and business schmoozing. I have to say they were well worth the wait, the socks are perfect, the yarn and pattern are exactly what I would have picked if I were making socks for myself. And even better yet they fit too, bonus! ! Along with my socks, came they leftover Lornas Laces and some verrry soft green sock yarn that I think I already have plans for. Thank you Felica, you did a great job, I hope you get the whole witness protection thing under control. ;-)