Friday, September 23, 2005

Truth be told.

All right the truth is out Kay had the right answer. Kay your IT, I will post to your blog. Really you guys an extra toe! This game was a hoot. Thanks for playing.

For the blog game going on at the knitty board, my Four truths and a lie revealed.

1. My freshwater turtle turned up, alive after living in the ocean for 6 months.
TRUE - We cleaned the turtles tank one day, and let him roam the room as usual. We lived right on a breakwater where the ocean at high tide was under my porch stairs. Waldo got out somehow and 6 months later a guy on the boat docked below was shouting "No friggin way that's a turtle!" His buddy thought he was smoking crack. I of course ran down to find Waldo alive although not well, the salt water had eaten a hole in his shell.
2. I previously worked at a secluded fish farm with one other person for weeks on end.
TRUE - This fish farm was accessible by boat (a very long trip) or by seaplane and planted in a bay on the ocean. My longest stint our there was 5 weeks.

3. I was born with an extra toe on my right foot.
FALSE - But I so had you going! LOL

4. I was once stranded on the ocean with no sight of land.
TRUE - Going to aforementioned fish farm, both boats enroute broke down, with a storm blowing up. We also endend up in American waters, not good. We manged to make a new drive belt out of duck tape and hump our way to the fish farm. This trip was supposed to take 5 hours it took us 14. I have yet to tell my mother this ever happend.
5. As a child I had my tongue frozen to a sign post.
TRUE - Not only did I do this once, but twice yeah I was a dumb kid with a wicked older brother.

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