Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Really, you knit socks?

The boy I spoke of earlier is the younger of my two children, he is 4. He was still not feeling well, so off to the doctor’s office to get his test results and have a rash he developed examined. When the doctor finished doctoring, he spied the socks poking out of my purse and asked what I was knitting. “Really, you knit socks? I love wool socks” I snickered wondering if I knit him socks could I barter less time in the waiting room. It was confirmed the boy does have strep, but not an allergic reaction, he gave me a different RX for antibiotics “just in case” with a recommendation to stay home until his throat feels better.

I worked a few rows on my socks at the doctor’s office, and when we returned home I attempted to work on the sleeves of the Must Have. However, playing nurse had me up and down more times than Mary’s pants at a picnic, that I soon gave up.

So when you can’t knit, what else do you do? You think about it! In the line up of future knits, Angelina, pattern from White Lies Designs purchased from Elann. I will use the coveted alpaca my husband trekked all over Peru for (that's his story anyway). He was under some pressure for this wool quest. We had an agreement, I was happy for him to go as long as he got off that return flight with wool, alpaca to be specific. That man done good, he brought me home three large cones of fine alpaca in three colours. He wasn’t sure what colour to get so he bought them all, at a bargain no less. My heart swelled, and the corny quote from Jerry McGuire came to mind “You complete me”. It was the fibre talking, I cant be held responsible for corny movie quotes.

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