Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Knitter's in sheeps clothing.

All the productivity I talked about last post was shopping related. I found the best jammies ever, they screamed, begged and pleaded for me to buy them. Intially I thought what a perfect gift for my best knitting co-hort. What could be a better present than flannel jammies? (Besides yarn of course.) Well let me tell you there is something better, these!

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better...
...two, two, two chicks in one! I found a second pair!

When I purchased these they were going to be a part of her Christmas present but how can one hold back, these just had to be gifted. I couldn't resist, Christmas is tooo far away. It was worth it, can you tell? Look at those smiles. And just when our husbands thought we had already lost our everlovingminds, we decided we should wear them to our Knit Night Thursday. I think after this Thursday it should be mandatory that all our Thursday Knit Knitters wear jammies.

Last night we also said good-bye to my brother, he left this morning. It's amazing how easily you can slip back into the brother/sister relationship. It's like he never left. There is 9 years between him and I, so I was the pesky little sister. I'm sure he thinks I haven't changed.

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weaselrina said...

OMG. The picture from your office window is stunning!