Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Blogging has commenced for the year lets see how well I make out. I have asked Knit 'n Lit Jenn to add me to the list of It's Not a Gift KAL'ers. I started Knitty's Starsky pattern a while ago and I would really love to get it finished. The back is almost complete so it should go quickly, if only I could get rid of that pain in my neck! No really, not the kids, but a real pain in my neck! I finally went to a chiropractor today after a week and change waiting for it to get better. So far so good, I go back again the next two days and then again next week.

I decided to clean up some of the FO's around the house for the beginning of 2007. I rang in the New Year with this languishing FO, the Six Sense Sock. Love this sock, the bad sock mojo that came with it, not so much! Yes crappy picture, not easy taking great pictures of your lower extremities. This was knit with DGB Confetti colour #36110 for those inquiring minds, I'm wishing now I would have bought more in that colourway.

I did say I was going to provide photos of the other recent FO, however, again crappy photo, need more light for the next photo shoot. Coming soon. It may have until the weekend.

For all the other World Junior Hockey Fans out there, how much do you love
TSN Broadband! I'll be the crazy lady hootin' and holler'n at her desk on January 5th for the Gold Medal Game, Canada vs. Russia
12:30pm et/9:30am pt

Funny after the shoot out between Canada & USA one of the commentators made a comment about the "Collective Canadian Cardiac Arrest" I felt that was a very accurate description.