Monday, September 19, 2005

Forgive me Father...

..for I have sinned, it has been 4 days since my last post. Wow, time flies. While I have felt extremely productive, I have no productivity to produce. Go figure. I am nearing completion on a knitted gift, just some finishing touches. Yes, I am still on sleeve island, the boat should be around to pick me up in a few weeks, if I'm lucky. I swatched for the corset, but I moved on to the FBS because of an off hand comment from my mother's friend about my hand-dyed yarn. I'm fickle, I'm married, I don't need another long term commitment, just a little flirtation is good. Last but never least a sock, a sock with second sock gauge syndrome*.

*Second Sock Gauge Syndrome - Often referred to as SSGS. a condition that causes the second sock to be knit at a tighter gauge despite using the same number of stitches and the same size needles. Tests to knit the sock directly after finishing the first have not proved to be beneficial. More test knitting is needed, thus more sock yarn shopping must ensue before this disease can be conquered.

This weekend was a runners weekend, runners being my son"K" and husband. Son "L" and I are just there for their for moral support, to hold clothing items, and take pictures. Saturday was spent at the Cannery Road Race where my son came 3rd in the 1Km Fun Run. for his efforts he received a cookie medal attached by string licorce. (photo of said medal not available, it came to an unfateful end seconds after being awarded). Meaning, "L" ate it. My husband came 4th in the 10K for his age group and 6th overall. Way to go boys!

Sunday we took part in the the 25th Terry Fox Run. The four of us biked the run together. Everyone who registered received a Commemorative coin, and we bought the boys a t-shirt. We had a great time, and will definately be there for the years to come. Rest in Peace Terry.

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