Monday, June 11, 2007


NOOOOO, not that kind! Posting pictures of puppies instead of kntitting. This is Jasper, Jasper is a 10 week old American Bulldog, who belongs to my brother. He is so cute and sooooo big. "L" my youngest asked me to take pictures during the visit because he didn't join us. When we came home he asked if I had taken pictures of the puppy. I pulled up this picture on the computer and after a long pause he looked at me and said "That's a puppy? ohhhh." Obviously not the puppy he was expecting, I think he thought I was pulling his leg.

I have been knitting, just not as much. I have been crankier than usual, I'm positive those two are not a coincidence. I have finished a cro-knitted baby blanket, I'm 3/4 of the way through a sport weight baby shawl in cream yarn I bought while on my yarn crawl in Seattle, a pair of socks (that I didn't take a picture of) a great sock ended up the in the Fuckit Froggit Basket, and an EZ February Baby Sweater sits unfinished.
Until next time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What happens in Seattle...

....Stays in Seattle! Hahaha, kidding!

I am finally getting around to showing you the yarn that I smuggled out of Seattle ( I may have told a little white one when I filled out my customs declaration) and into my home ( I may also have told a little white one there too).

The colours are not that true here, sorry.

Lorette & Kris picked me up at my hotel our Yarnadventure started at a great little shop with an awesome name, So Much Yarn... Not wanting get to carried away at the first shop I didn't purchase alot. However, it was here I purchased the yarn to mark my trip to Seattle. Hand-Dyed, sock yarn in a self-striping Seattle Seahawks colourway by Caryn's Creations. I was so glad I bought this, I love the colours, which are more grey/blue, navy and lime green than the picture suggests.

On to The Fiber Gallery where we got a great parking spot, it was meant to be! If you go to Lorette's March 19th post you will find some photos of this shop, as well as me wearing my completed Starsky cardigan. I may have purchased "some" Lorna's Laces here. Best part of that was shopping by "proxy" for a friend of mine, the Jeans colourway I bought is misisng from the photo above and I must admit I almost didn't want to give it up.

We went to lunch, then on to bigger and better things, Weaving Works. This shop was my favourite shop of the trip. I could see a recipe for bank account disaster if I should ever decide to relocate to Seattle. Cascade superwash 220, KOIGU, two skiens of natural color Kona Superwash found their way into my basket. All in all I had the best time, and I am very happy with the yarn I brought home.

Lorette and Kris were fabulous hosts, Lorette scouted out yarn shops and their directions. She did a fine job of keeping me out of any bad yarn shops. Kris graciously provided our transportation, and did a fine job navigating the narrowist streets I have ever seen. Thank you girls, I hope to come back again.
Oh and whats worse than forgetting your camera? Not taking any pictures with the camera in your purse! I did take one picture, but I am an asshat photographer and it didn't turn out. Agghhhh!!!!!

Seattle in Review

My time in Seattle was fantastic! There are so many things I didn't get a chance to do. I really want to make it back there someday. I think it is a perfect family trip I know my family would really enjoy it. I stayed a block away from the Space Needle / Seattle Center, which was a great location for me. I cruised on the monorail and did some shopping in the area where the monorail stops. I also walked to Pike Place Market but unfortunately it was late and it was RAINING to hard to get a feel for it. Enjoy the photo journal! (Now you should be able to click on the photo's to make them larger, however blogger has hexed me on this issue so I will cross my fingers)
My artsy fartsy attempt of the Space Needle
Look wayyy up.

If you're in Seattle you have to watch Grey's no?. The sock and I missed it on Thursday, but we hooked up with the "gang" Friday on the net.

My favorite shot, The ferris wheel in Seattle Center.

Can't forget the Carousel.

The monorail coming through the EMP - Experience Music Project building

I took the monorail to help get me here Pike Place Market.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Room with a View

I made it to Seattle, where my Starsky will have it's debut. Well that's a lie, but a debut that will be photographed.

I have will have some great blog fodder for you, I am meeting fellow knitters for the first time here in Seattle, and we are doing a Seattle yarn crawl. I am starving, so I give the 411 soon.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm still working on the last piece of Starsky, but I can see the light. I can't wait to get this cardigan completed so that I can wear it. So far this is my progress.

Back, 2 sleeves, left front, beginning of right front.

A few rows were accomplished last night at KnitNite. We have moved our KnitNite to Wednesday and moved our location to a local knitting store. The knitting store is conveniently located(or not, if your one of those people who likes to save money) in the lower level of my office building. Our commited knitters attended KnitNite on Valentine's day, we are a dedicated group! I may have purchased more yarn (not one of those people), so that when the urge strikes I can knit Neoknits Green Apple , and 4 balls of sock yarn to knit a new sock pattern.

Would you believe, a women new to our group, set a goal to use all the yarn from her stash BEFORE she purchased any new yarn! I know I couldn't believe it either. Yet there she sat. knitting a baby blanket with new yarn. Abracadabra, stash be gone! OMG, a wonder of our time, I'm sure. I will leave you to ponder the thought of tackling your stash. I got hives just thinking about it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Love is a Fairground

Thank you Cara, I Love It!
That is a so soft skein of Socks that Rock in Fairgrounds colourway, and one of January One's great yarn notecards.
This is the fabulous gift I won from Cara of January One and her STR Virgin post. What a pick me up at the end of a long day.
That Cara is such an enabler! I was first drawn to Cara's blog for her fantastic pictures, (oh and the banner that changes everytime you click was pretty cool too), so I was just as thrilled to have received one of her notecards.

Stay tuned for a Starsky update, not quite done but close.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

January G-One

Holy heck where did January go! The blogging activity suggests that I have not been knitting, but I have. I joined Knit'n lit's It's not a gift. My project is Starsky from Knitty and so far I have completed the back and both sleeves. Currently I am stalled on the first front as my brain needs a moment(or two) to tackle keeping track of the cable pattern and the decrease on each edge, "X" amount of rows, but not corresponding rows. See how confusing! I hope to get to that this weekend, maybe blocking phots for next week?

Not only have I been knitting but I have been winning! Winning yarn is the best feeling ever. I won Socks that Rock yarn from the blogfamous Cara of January One "Calling all Virgins" post. Thank you Cara and Blue Moon You know how to rock a virgins world! I'll let you know when it arrives.

I must confess I have found another hobby, I am only in the fledgling stages of quilting,but I love it. I discovered that while I truly destested sewing (the bad Ragedy Ann nightie experience back in Grade 8)I love quilting. I have almost finished a practice quilt top for L (my almost 6 year old), using his favourite blankies. It is by no means a work of art, but it was fun and my boy LOVES it. Practice, practice!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Blogging has commenced for the year lets see how well I make out. I have asked Knit 'n Lit Jenn to add me to the list of It's Not a Gift KAL'ers. I started Knitty's Starsky pattern a while ago and I would really love to get it finished. The back is almost complete so it should go quickly, if only I could get rid of that pain in my neck! No really, not the kids, but a real pain in my neck! I finally went to a chiropractor today after a week and change waiting for it to get better. So far so good, I go back again the next two days and then again next week.

I decided to clean up some of the FO's around the house for the beginning of 2007. I rang in the New Year with this languishing FO, the Six Sense Sock. Love this sock, the bad sock mojo that came with it, not so much! Yes crappy picture, not easy taking great pictures of your lower extremities. This was knit with DGB Confetti colour #36110 for those inquiring minds, I'm wishing now I would have bought more in that colourway.

I did say I was going to provide photos of the other recent FO, however, again crappy photo, need more light for the next photo shoot. Coming soon. It may have until the weekend.

For all the other World Junior Hockey Fans out there, how much do you love
TSN Broadband! I'll be the crazy lady hootin' and holler'n at her desk on January 5th for the Gold Medal Game, Canada vs. Russia
12:30pm et/9:30am pt

Funny after the shoot out between Canada & USA one of the commentators made a comment about the "Collective Canadian Cardiac Arrest" I felt that was a very accurate description.