Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sockapaloooza Socks

My sockpal socks are done, though I am happy with them now, it took a long time for me to feel the love. I hope that she likes them, they are very spring like.

That darn Easter bunny was up to his tricks again. I think the bun has a sock feetish, (LOL, I left my typo in, fitting no?) but I guess with feet that big who wouldn't! Apparently not put off by the fact they didn't fit his feet he found another use for them. Lets just before thankful he doesn't have two of something else! ;-)

My baby is FIVE

This is "LT" half his life ago (2 1/2)
This is him now.
In that first shot I was trying to take a picture of our dog, in the second before I took the picture he crouched right in front of me with that big goofy grin of his. "LT" still loves the camera . That first shot of him has always been my favourite. Happy 5th Birthday Baby, we love you and thank our good fortune for the shear joy and humour you bring to our lives. MWAH.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

That Bunny Has the Sixth Sense

The Easter bunny made an appearance at our house. He just about hopped away with my new sock WIP, but not before I got a picture. Those socks are the start of Susan's great pattern (check out her April 2 post) the Sixth Sense Socks for the Sixth Sense Knit Along. The yarn is a self stripping in blues and greys by DGB Confetti. I have never attempted a short-row heel so if you here any cursing that would be me, I apologize in advance. Here's a close up of the the six stitch, six row repeat, sixth sense sox. Say that six times fast.

Happy Easter

Sunday, April 09, 2006

ARRRGH Matey, we have sock progress

Yesterday was "L's" birthday party, he turns 5 on Easter Sunday, so we had an early birthday celebration. We had a great turn out, well great if you enjoy 18 children under 5. That wasn't a typo I really did say 18! We hade the children walk the plank, a treasure toss, and a treasure chest pinata. I've never held a party for this many children before but all went wall, with only two incidents both involving my pirate, of course.
I decorated the cake above using a Pirates Lego set, plastic gold coins, Hershey's almond and toffee chocolate "treasure chests" and graham crackers for sand and dyed sugar for water. I was very happy with how it turned out and the kids loved it.
This cosutme was really great, it is a cinderalla costume one side of the costume for when she scrubs floors, and when you turn it inside out it's a beautiful gown, to wear with her glass slippers. And the delinquent mother that I am I don't have a digital picture of my own children dressed up. My digital camera didn't like the lighting in the gymnasium.

And last but not least my sockapaloooza socks are almost complete, I am on the homestretch of the second sock. This picture is of the first sock but I have marked with the blue line where I am at on the second one. While I am not completely satisfied with them, they are growing on me.