Saturday, September 03, 2005

Crash Course

Well after several long days of deciphering the "whozits", "whatzits" and sometimes "%$&#zits" of this blog speak they cal HTML, I now have a functioning knit blog. After peeking at everyone's source, peeping blogger that's me, I discovered that it's not rocket science. My largest hurdle was properly adjusting the code that comes with Bloggers' templates. I still have a lot to add but will work on that slowly, so be patient. I am proud to have conquered my first tasks, but am ready to get on with the knittin'.

My knitting has suffered this week but I managed to work on my Must Have Cardigan. This cardigan was promised to my mother the first Christmas after I started knitting. Cough, cough, now 2 Christmas later she may just get it. One can only hope. I love this pattern, but somehow it reclined in the knitting basket for ages. The Peruvian Highland wool from Elann compliments the texture of this pattern. The color is Ruby and the perfect "blue-toned" red, (a specific request). Who knew there was a blue-toned red? But for my mother anything, afterall I was a teenage girl once, she's due.

And because I don't have a progress pic of the Must Have, I'll show you my future project, Butterfly. A birthday gift from almost 1 year ago, given to me by the best kind of friend to have...a knitting friend. They always know what to get you.

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