Monday, September 12, 2005


My Must Have Cardigan sleeves (till death do us part will now be called MHC) are soon to be, as my blog namesake states, Unravelled! How'd I know that my blog name would be soo appropriate? A hunch, I think not.

I was two sleeves in and two balls gone when I thought "Dude shouldn't these be longer for a whole ball of yarn!" I look in my project bag and find some lonely addi's, undressed and floating about. Hmmm, I get the needle checker out, 4.5mm. I look at my sleeves in progress, aren't those supposed to be 4.5mm? Insert foul word here. I had forgotten to change my needles after the cuffs, I was being so careful not to screw up the two sleeves on one circular needle that I knit merrily away on the 4mm! I have knit and re-knit this pattern so many times that I should have 3 completed cardigan by now. All my own stupidty of course. So to momentarily avoid undoing I made up an Excel chart (that I have not a clue how to put up here) in hopes that I might actally get this right. And to torture myself further a progress photo of my soon to be unravelled sleeves. At least now I can correct all those mistakes I made in the double moss stitch during increasing.

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