Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well as predicted, not much knitting, well more like no knitting was accomplished this past weekend. But I was productive, housework (blehhhh) productive. I spent a long time spring cleaning our bedroom and ensuite. I took everything out except clothing in closet and dresser. I cleaned from top to bottom and nothing went back in that wasn't clean or junked out. The following day was left to vacumming and washing floors. I need to be remined why I insisted on buying a larger home.

Then of course Halloween pumpkin carving and trick or treating sucked up more knitting time. I must admit we had fun. The boys decided they would rather have a more difficult pumpkin design then to carve themselves. So they cleaned I carved.

Then gearing up to brave the weather and go trick or treating. Kendal the Ninja looked more like a sumo wrestler before we but the belt and muscles on. He had all his winter clothes under his costume. After our house to house we went and watched the fireworks then home straight to bed, Mom was tired!

Some knitting was accomplished and believe it our not, the Must Have Cardi pieces have finished, wahhhooooooo! Only blocking,button bands,sewing up left. I finished one sock and cast on for the other, and I am one sleeve away from another FO, the Wrappy cardi. It may just be a seaming party for me this weekend.

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Elisabeth said...

Love the Jack o' Lanterns!
So spooky. :-)