Friday, November 25, 2005

Progress Made

Yesterday I managed to complete my Fuzzy Wrappy Cardigan. I finished sewing up the dreadful piece of knitwork and crocheted the wrappy edge. I love the look of the Patons Divine but for someone who hates the process of finishing up Divine is definately not going to win me over in that catagory. I am extremely happy with the fit and now just have to find the perfect pin to close it up. The pattern calls for a ribbon, but nahhhh, that means more sewing. Picture to come once it's had a bath, and shed some of it's hair so that when I take it off it doesn't look like I've been wrestling with a cat.

Last night was our groups Knit Night, coffee,dessert and the company was great. Many from our group are doing their Christmas knitting, so alot of Fuzzy Feet and Felted Slippers on the neddles. I finished up my hellish lovely Wrappy cardigan I made good work of fondling all the yarn with visions of new projects dancing in my head. The Fleece Artist Merino in a gorgeous red/pink and a rich brown and grey mix. Then I cheated on the Fleece Artist with the sport weight in a deep chocolate brown,green,blue. Oohhh, it would have looked so nice in my basket by the fireplace. But the in the end I showed great restraint and it was enough to dream and I decided that if it was there next week it was meant to be.

Since my last post I have started a new project, the Peru Alapca Earflap hat for my husband. The picture is of the three colours of Alpaca he lugged home (on cones) all the way home from his soccer trip to Peru. I also have two auctions ending this weekend for Dale of Norway Olympic patterns so wish me luck and hope I win the auction. This is all to divert my attention away from the Must Have Cardigan that only needs to be put together. I've banished it so long now I forget how much I have left to do, I think half a sleeve and side seams. Maybe this weekend.


Talitha said...

I'm definitely jealous of all that wonderful alpaca! I actually had non-knitters talking with me today about how wonderfully soft alpaca is. Wow, hey? That when you know I've been knitting too much around them.

Karin said...

That is a lot of Alpaca yarn, very good to train your husband to bring back yarn.
What are you going to make after you finished the hat with the rest of the yarn?