Sunday, November 20, 2005

Seaming Seams

Yes, I am finally making a dent in the seaming of the Must Have. Why is it taking so long, simply because when I learned to knit, I never thought ahead. I didn't realize there would come a day when I would have to sew. I love to knit, but detest sewing up. acck, patoooe. Sorry to all those sewers out there. I've already decided that when the socks I knit get holes that I must trash them and knit more. Logical for the sewing challenged, more knitting less sewing.

Earlier this week my husband, after throwing a load of laundry in, says to me in an off hand way. "Oh, hey I was looking at one of your magazines." I immediately stop what I'm doing, I am in shock. (The only magazines I own are knitting related, you see my surprise) "I think I saw something that I might like." And off he goes to retrieve said magazine, while I sit in rapt attention. He's taking an interest, not like when I had to force him to just TRY the socks I knit for him. He comes back flipping through my newest Knitters mag, and says " Yeah this one, I like it." hands it to me and back off to the laundry room. I'm thinking a hat, but a hat it was not. NO NO NO my man has some knitting taste, the magazine lay open to the ad for the new Dale of Norway Torino Olympic sweater.

What's a girl to do after a request like that? Hunt down every online shop to see where I can get the pattern of course, and my mind is whirling with yarn choices. The truth is I'm just scared he's going to change his mind, better get it on the needles ASAP.


Karin said...

Your hubby has good taste. Does he also want to challange your knitting skills to the max?
Good luck, I look forward to read your progress.

Talitha said...

That sweater does not look easy... do you think he's trying to call your bluff??? Ha ha just kidding, happy knitting and I really hope he appreciates it.