Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Less is More?

One could hope that less is more, because I got less knitting done last night. I had to take back about 5 inches of knitting on the piece I showed yesterday, which will eventually become this (without the stripes), from VOGUE knitting Winter 2004/05.

The stars must not have been aligned, or I didn't hold my tongue right because this piece of knitting was much to big after the ribbing. Because it certainly had nothing to do with the fact that I used different yarn, different needles and didn't check gauge. Gauge, schmage! We must soldier on so instead of ripping out all that hand cramping ribbing I decreased enough after the ribbing at the start of the stocking stitch to make it less "poofish". I know I lost you at poofish, these technical terms are difficult to dicipher, my apologies.

On the finishing front: NONE, NADA, ZIP.

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Shelley said...

Hmm..I seem to know what that is like lately! Hang in there. What a cute vest!