Thursday, November 17, 2005


The picture of the finished Vogue Vest. This was a great quick project. Well, quick if you used the same yarn and needles called for, not AS quick when you change those and don't check gauge. Annnnnnyways, I love this vest, it's perfect for work. I wore it today with a pink shirt, and on the weekend with a striped shirt in different shades of purple so it's definately versatile. You might notice the armhole and shoulder edges are rolling a bit, I'm going to try and fix that. But overall I am very happy with this vest. *click the photo for a better look.


helen said...

oh michelle, the vest looks great and you are quite cute yourself! i am loving the look of vests these days.

Elisabeth said...

One of the best FO pics I've seen lately! You look so happy and the vest is totally cute. :-)

Allison said...

Hi! Very nice vest - was it easy and fast? I found your blog through the Frappr Map on Bonne Marie's blog. My husband is from New Hazelton, BC, a few hours down the road from you, I believe?