Monday, November 07, 2005

Pressure Tactics

Resulted in this, no not the finished object as demanded, but a new WIP. The pattern is from a previous Vogue Knitting Mag. I think from winter 2004, I am knitting this from yarn I had in the stash, amazing I know. It is a cotton blend and very soft, and very heavy, it will be perfect for the office with a white collared shirt underneath. While I love the look and feel of the yarn, it is difficult on my hands to knit with. It was supposed to be knit flat but I am knitting it in the round due to the inches of ribbing and st. stitch. and less sewing up. We all know where the sewing up leads.... D E N I A L !!!

Well it seems that I don't respond well to pressure, I'll do what I want when I want damnknit! I think that I put a little to much on my " to do" list, not to mention that I forgot I would be spending most of the weekend away from the house. My son had a mid-season minor basketball tournement, they came in 6th. There are only 6 teams in his division, but they played very well, and the team received the Most Sportsmanlike Team award. I played bball in elementary school, but never in highschool. I actually thought I didn't like bball, until this weekend when I realized of all the sports/activities we've watched this is my favorite. So much warmer than watching hockey or skating. BRRRR. All that sitting on the bleachers did not result in the finishing I was hoping, but what a comprise.

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