Friday, October 28, 2005

Help when you need it most.

I found yet another blog to read,thank you toKnit One Chick Too for leaving a comment here on my blog so that I could find you. And just to make you feel better I will make it a point to never mention that in the 80's you harboured romantic feelings for Bill Gates. I'll be our little secret. While I visited KnitOneChicToo, she made mention she had called the Yarn Harlot's Help Line. I have to confess I did try to call the number before, but instead of S "O" S, I keyed in S "zero" S and didn't realize until now. DOhhhh. Very funny go call now, 1-877-SOS-KNIT.(toll free in Canada and the US)

It has been a very productive knitting week, which will make way for a very unproductive knitting weekend. I will now have to "put on" what I was putting off all week while I knit. House cleaning denial, I wonder if there's a toll free number for that? I am nearly done the last piece for the Must Have Cardi, I need to finish the sleeves for the Wrap Cardi and put together, I'm almost to the toe decrease for brown "tweedy" socks and I knit 10 rows on my Flower Basket Shawl.

No new knitting pictures to speak of, so a picture taken at my birthday dinner. Lyndon had Dino Nuggets and "smiley" fries, perfect match no? And notice the "fancy" shirt, he has to wear this to every important dinner. He said to me that day "Mom, can you flatten (iron) my fancy shirt?" The shirt was a gift from his uncle from the Dominincan and was on the smallish side when he got it. So our friend Steve who is particulary great a picking out "fancy" shirts will have to take him shopping when he outgrows this one.

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I love B.C., we ski Whistler at least once a year. Love the face on the french fry and the small fry. Keep on knitting