Saturday, November 12, 2005

Rest In Peace Copper

It is with great sadness I announce the passing of our guinea pig Copper. He was a member of our family for four years, we will miss that famous squeak. Predeceased by his friend Jersey the long haired guinea pig. He was laid to rest in the backyard beside his best buddy this afternoon. R.I.P. Copper, my boys say you are welcome in pet heaven and have wrapped you in your special blankie for the journey.

This afternoon was a difficult day for the boys and probably harder for me. That's the problem with having pets, they die. As much as all that chomping on the metal water bottle annoyed the heck out of us, the quiet now reminds us that he is gone, My husband even said "How sad, no more squeaking EVERY time I walk in the room." (At least someone acknowledged my husbands comings and goings)


Talitha said...

Oh, you definitely have my sympathies. Copper, make sure you play with my old guinea pig, Mrs. Piggy, in pet heaven, will you? Thanks. I truly hope you feel better soon... I lost a pet earlier this year (my favorite hermit crab) and felt very sad, but I did find getting a replacement helped :). Good luck helping your boys through it too!

Karin said...

Very sorry to read about Copper.
Share all the happy moments you had together with your family.