Monday, October 03, 2005


Creative title, I know. Not much to blather about. I was sick this weekend, joining the other sickies of the household. I did manage to make some progress on my MHC and I am almost finished my sleeves. I can see the boat approaching to take me away from Sleeve Island. Yesterday was a beautiful day and we got out to walk the dogs and had a picnic with the kids down at "the beach". Really it's just the rocky shore at low tide, but hey whatever they wanna call it. The picnic consisted of home made banana bread, and some tortilla and salsa, but hey whatever I wanna call a "picnic" is fine with them. I hope to share some pictures tomorrow, I forgot the camera on the charger at home. Well I better get that signal fire lit so they don't cruise by and miss me. Wait I think it sees me already!

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That Knitting Chick said...

Hi! Love your blog; saw your post on knitty and wanted to check it out. I juts started my own, and love to get inspiration from others out there!