Friday, October 21, 2005

Harlot Radio

I think that is the next step, when knitting can have it's very own radio station. Sit back, knit and listen all day, all night to 100.0 KNIT-FM. Featuring"music" from the most famous knitter's around, the soothing click clack of needles. Featuring segments from knitters' all over the world. Stay up to date with local knitting events in your area, bringing you all the late breaking knitting news. I digress, I'm sorry I think I may have caught what the Yarn Harlot has:

"All of this, this incredible stunning whirl of fantasy around me was dragging me down the path to my dreamworld and I was becoming more convinced by the moment that I was asleep... creating a world where knitters rule supreme and everyone not only cares about that but agrees that it's a good invented reality where knitting finally gets its dues and stands firm and proud in bookshops, auditoriums, radio stations...all places where humans gather and bow to yarn and it's wonders.."

If you haven't already gone to check out her radio spot listen here. (Scroll to Oct 21 Knitting is Hot) Unfortunately, it will be the closest I ever get to hearing her, because I'm sure she won't be flying to my neck of the woods any time soon. We take what we can get.

Ponder the thought people, all knit, all the time, just saying.

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