Friday, October 07, 2005

Better late than Never

Seeing as how it is already Friday I thought that I should share the previous weekends events, before this weekend passes me by. My photo journal of "What I did Last Weekend"

The sceneary photos are along the highway from my home town to Terrace, following the Skeena River. Please note that only bugs were harmed in the taking of these photos.

On Sunday the whole Fam Dam went down to "The Beach" (see previous post for an explanation) to eat our "Picnic" (again previously posted) Look at those faces they're loving it.

Our two other boys were having a hoot too. Barnes the yellow lab loves to swim in the ocean, Griffin the girly boy, not so much!

Wait don't leave yet there's more, this is our son Lyndon, practising for when he runs away and joins the circus. Currently he working on taming our Lion dog Griffin. Click to enlarge the pics.

This weather for this long turkey holiday doesn't look as promising, but we'll manage. I'll try and come up some knitting content soon. Just as soon as a learn how, becaase apparently all I know who to do is un-knit!!! Bahhhh that's a whole other post! Anywho, have a great weekend,Happy Thanksgiving. Or as my son likes to say Gobble, Gobble!


That Knitting Chick said...

Happy early Canadian Thanksgiving to you! Have some turkey for me, will ya?

Say said...

Those photos are beautiful! I love that area of the country.