Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I received difficult news this weekend about a friend, and once the news sunk in I knew I needed to knit something. I decided on a fuzzy, happy yarn combo in a quick and easy pattern shawl pattern found at cosmicpluto knits. I am only using the first 3 rows of the pattern and I am knitting and changing yarn willy nilly, until I like how it looks. Here she is is so far, with all her yarn buddies.

edited: to enlarge photos
Here is LaPlumAto by herself.

Her name LaPlumAto is a combination of the names of the yarns I used. LaPlaya the mulicolored cotton, Pluma the light blue mohair-ish yarn and the ever so soft Rosato in the darker blue. Here name is so Spanish I am thinking of the beautiful sun and sandy beaches of Mexico while I knit it. It helps me to knit this in hopes that I can provide some comfort through this difficult time. Please send your thoughts to my friend and her family, she needs them.

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Me said...

Hi Michelle - your blog is awesome and all your knitting projects are amazing - yikes - you are a hard to girl to keep up with :o)

Sorry about the sad news about your friend... I am sending positive vibes to help ...

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