Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic Late Night- Day 3

Day 3
Prelim Round Official Result:
Michelle still seems to be on track even after waking up feeling no better than the day before. She does seemed to have recovered nicely from the poorly scheduled 4 year old birthday party she had to attend this afternoon. And surprised us when she made up some time while out at a fundraising basketball auction. Who knew you could bid, eat, talk, joke crudely, and knit and still be olympic material baby!

Breaking news... A injured knitted has pulled herself from the knitting olympics and Team Canada has arranged for her replacement, she will be arriving....
OK no knitter was injured but my friend has unofficially joined the olympics and has been knitting with us since Friday. She is knitting her 4th Rogue and needs to set an Olympic record, she has to work out of town for a couple days so she will need to make up for lost time. What was she thinking, working during the Olympics! Anyway please welcome her and I hope to post her progress if she'll let me.

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