Monday, February 20, 2006

Olympic Update-Day 11

I am well on my way. I think I have a good chance at a podium finish. This weekend I got both sleeves to about 2/3? complete.
I blocked the back and fronts, to prepare for the sewing of the shoulder seams to complete the collar. Wow, talk about prepared. Thankfully, after reading many posts from other bloggers who have knit Butterfly I took 2 inches off the length. And after a light blocking, meaning no streach to the length it came out still longer than I expected, but workable. The Noro really grows after being washed. I had already planned to take length off the sleeves so I don't have to fold them up. So the plan is to finish the sleeves today or tomorrow. Sew up the the shoulder and knit the collar on Wednesday. Sew the sleeves on Thursday, side seams Friday. Finishing touches for Saturday. Wear for closing ceremonies on Sunday.

I thought I would post the gold medal finish for an unofficial participant of our Knitting Olympics. My bestest knitting bud completed her Rogue on Sunday. Ladies and gents thats a complete sweater in 9 days with the world still rotating and life going on in the meantime. S you deserve the medal, congratulations. (I never asked if I could post this so I won't divulge any names. I know you are thinking, you won't give out her name, but it's ok to post her picture! LOL )


Tanya said...

Are you using Kureyon or Silk Garden to make your butterfly? I'm knitting one out of Silk Garden but its not my olympics project. I've carefully lengthened the sleeves and body because I'm tall but you're saying it will grow a lot when blocked? (oh dear I hate sleeves over fingers) Looking really nice so far btw.

Michelle D. said...

I am using Kureyon and yes the wool definately relaxes. I soaked in Euclan then rolled in a towel and laid flat only pinning down edges and points of chevrons. I did not stretch in any way.