Friday, January 13, 2006

Winder Love

Little knitting has been accomplished, to much time on the computer, and more sleep needed. Maybe I have post traumatic knitting syndrome, I here it's bad after the holiday insanity.

Despite the lack of knitting I don't have a lack of projects I want to start. I think I have added four to six more to the running list in my head.

I don't believe my camera has made it off it's cradle since Jan 1 either.

My future should be shaping up next week though, my yarn swift, should be making it's way to me as we speak. Oh, I can't wait, what a day that will be. I will be able to break my wool winder out of it's box to introduce it to it's mate. Really isn't a wool winder without a swift like a pbj sandwhich without the jam. So I haven't used it yet, that would be wrong :) I thought about getting my handy husband to make me a swift, but I couldn't have bought the materials or spared the time it would have taken him to make one (he doesn't see my pain of having a wool winder without a swift) for the price I found the swift online. Even better I will be able to wind yarn INTO skeins for the purpose of dyeing. Like I need another addiction! Send good snail mail thoughts my way for a fast and speedy union of winder and swift.

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Talitha said...

Lucky girl, you. I have neither a swift nor a winder. I use my feet and a paper towel holder :(. So, I'm sending my fast mail thoughts your way and hoping for you that Can Post won't accost it at the border and tack on handling and GST and PST... grrrr....