Thursday, January 19, 2006

Weeks End

Still lying low, and I know your hanging on my every word! Well wait no more, I got the swift! The ball winder has taken up with him already, Floozie! Both have settled into their new home on the ends of my desk in my downstairs office. An office door with a lock! Bliss, sheer bliss. I can lock myself in and wind and wind till my hearts content (or when the children have fallen asleep from pure exhaustion from calling my name for hours on end without a reply) which ever comes first.

Week in review:

These are now finished and waiting to be worn.

A few games of Jenga of were lost *blush* to a four yr old.

These Land of Nod cinnamon buns were prepared and baked and ate.

And a Irish Hiking scarf (minus a cable repeat) was started using Bernat Denim from the stash, which is wonderfully soft.


Shelley said...

Yummy cinnamon (buns)? This looks like what I make which I call "monkey bread". It's little balls of dough that I cover in cinn and sugar and then pour a concotion of the same ingred. over it then bake...Is this the same?

Michelle D. said...

Yes Shelley that is exactly how they are made. The recipe I use has you but the frozen dough balls and its sugary makings including butter over the top leave over night and cook in the morning. The recipe comes from these ladies
Excellent cookbooks