Friday, January 20, 2006

On the Road to Gold

Team: Cannabis, I mean Canada
Event: Cardigan
Coach: Jane Ellison, Butterfly

Who could resist olympic knitting? Like the Harlot I have never been much for playing sports, but I have become an Olympic junkie, waking up or staying up all hours to watch events. Foregoing sleep for my olympic fix. My husband is a little perturbed about it all, asking why I can't be this dedicated to hockey. It's all hockey all the time at our house. I have been known to be a little bitchy about it on occasion, and will refuse any conversations that start with "that was a stupid call" or "that was a dumbass pass, what the hell was he thinking?", "did you see that hon, look, look" Insert rolling eyes here and "Hon, I really don't care", or "Ssshhh I'm counting stitches". Sorry I digress.

So for my Olmpic feat, I have decided to knit something from my stash. That alone is an Olympic challege NO? Keeping with the self imposed yarn diet, not buying yarn to participate for such a special event, at least it should be up for consideration to carry the flag! While the pattern might not be challenging, it will be a challege for me to complete it in the time alotted. Especially since it involves sewing up, and we all know how I love to sew things up.


nadine said...

Hi Michelle !
My companion is named Oscar.
He * adores * wools and mohair yarns.
it's really cute how happy the wools make him. Now Stanley: there's a Great name ! one i've always loved.

The piece you're making for the Olympics - is it the coat in the Olympic photo ? it looks FABULOUS !

tammy said...

You are a brave little toaster! Butterfly is a lot o' knitting. You go!