Friday, December 02, 2005

Santa came early

And he brought me this. All I want for Christmas is a new LYS, a new LYS. Imagine my shock when my mother asked if I'd heard about the new yarn shop that was opening, and I hadn't. She said, "I thought you of all people would know". Imagine me passing out when she told me where it was opening." It supposed to be right downstairs in your office building". So of course I had dial up my best knitting pal (several times, I couldn't get the number right, I was so excited) and tell her the good news. After what seemed like an eternity I finally got it out of my mother that the women was trying to open up for December, and of course I made a hasty departure to go and check it out. Lo and behold, (I think I heard angels, Hallelujah, hallelujah) right before my wondering eyes did appear a new LYS owner and eight shelves of yarn gear. Ok that last part was lame and I don't know how many shelves, annywho. I am torn, I am very excited that there is a yarn store downstairs from my office, but I might have to get the HR department to forward my pay cheques downtstairs. Dangerous. The owner is very pleasant and receptive, she is starting out slow and once she know's what people are intrested in, she will start expanding. I'm sure she thought I was a total crazy person when I found that the store was open, first after babbling like an idiot then phoning my girlfriend immediately to say "GUESS WHERE I AM!!!" and then taking pictures of the place. K, well I am a little crazy but that's beside the point.

I have a FO that never even made it to the work in progress list. Here is a picture of the NON-ITCHY! earflap hat I whipped up for my son. He likes it enough, but still wants a purple hat, his favourite colour it puple. So I've convinced him a few blue stripes might be ok. I explained I really don't have a problem with him wearing purple, but the little boys in his class might. I'm sure he would be crushed. WHAT! purple isn't a "boy" colour. I'll just tell him to say "Purple's the new blue, where have you been?"

This weekend will be our City's winterfest. So breakfast with Santa in the morning with the Parade to follow, then off to son K's badmiton tournement. I think sleep and knitting will be in order for Sunday wouldn't want to over do it! ;)

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