Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stat Checker & Panta Coveter

Today I was checking my stats, I like to know where people are visiting my blog from and I also like to know how they found my site. Today I had a visitor, and am such goof, I was so excited to see my blog referred to on a non-knitting site. All it took was this:
"Where: Blogs are everywhere and can be about anything. Use Google Blog Search to find one on just about anything. Here are just a few:
Unravelled — Knitting...."

on a library blog about blogging. There it was Unravelled - Knitting, doesnt take much to excite me does it.

More finished objects to come soon. The elusive Must Have will hopefully be making an appearance soon. And if I wasn't swamped enough, I came upon a quick knit for christmas while visiting Zib, that I must make for the girls in my life. Well I'm sure it would be a quick knit if I didn't want to make four of them. I may be pushing my luck and pass into "IT". You all know what "IT" is don't you? Crafster is where the pattern can found on the Panta thread the, pattern translation can be found on pages 2 and 4 and there are many great variations on the pattern. I dare you go take a peek.


Talitha said...

I agree that the Panta is great! My little sister will LOVE it and it will look ab fab with her dreads. Not with my hair though on account of the short, but long cut :(. Oh well, I needed a quick knit for her Christmas present. Spanks a bunch! Have a great day!

Shelley said...

Too cute about your new found fame! Hurry up and get that Must Have done so I can figure out how many more problems I'm going to have with mine!!!! ;)

Kathy said...

Congrats on the Library Blog entry. I would be thrilled too. Keepup the wonderful posts. The sweater is really something. Thanks for saying you'll never do it again, I feel validated now.