Monday, December 05, 2005

Peruvian WIP

The peruvian Ch'ullo Hat is almost completed, only ends to weave in, lining to whip stitch and a little light steaming and it'll be done. I also finished my dad's Tuffy socks this weekend. This weekend was Breakfast with Santa and a short winter parade. "L" had his picture taken with Santa, but "K" wasn't interested, he was very relieved when I didn't insist on humiliating him, just to get a shot for Grandma. So the hat is almost done, the MHC cardigan banished to the bathroom, yet to be steamed and buttoned and a pair of mohair mitts next on the needles. And on Saturday morning we woke up to our first real snow. I let Griffin our 9 month old shitzu/bichon out for a his morning jaunt and in a few minutes called him back in. Because my hair was standing on end and it was cold I stode behind the door when I opened. When I turned around to wipe his paws this is what greeted me. Do you think he had fun?

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Talitha said...

It's funny how they have to sniff the snow. Mine always comes in after fresh snow with a white snout. Like, what IS the logic behind that? Snow can't possibly smell like anything. Maybe that's it! You know like when you're trying out perfumes at the perfume counter and you have to smell coffee beans to reset your smeller? Maybe snow is like a wonderful repreive for their sensitive sniffers. The things that go through my head, I tell ya.