Thursday, December 15, 2005

Drumroll please

Without further ado (cause god knows it took long enough) let me introduce to you, the completed, the one , the only (that I'll make) MMMMMMMust Have Cardigan.
Yes, finally it is done, and while it took along time, only because I shunned it now and again, I truly enjoyed making this sweater. That doesn't mean I didn't frog it oh no no no! I liked the pattern, the Peruvian highland wool in Ruby delightful, those buttons (which the jury is still out on) are from a friend, hand cut and drilled deer antler buttons. Please feel free to give your opinion on the buttons. I am very happy with how this sweater turned out, I am extremely proud of myself for stepping back now and again so that I didn't rush it. I took my time (lots of time) knitting, taking it back when a mistake was made, being patient with the sewing up. I think my Mom will be thrilled to bits to finally open this up on Christmas day.

And on the heels of the Must Have Cardigan, the quick and easy Mohair mitts knit from Fleece rtist Mohair and Blue Face Leicester. Gotta love a quick knit. I don't know who these will be for but they will make a great oopps I forgot about you last minute gift.
On Tuesday we got to watch "K" (that's him sandwiched between the girls) narrate The Night Before Christmas with interludes of different Christmas songs, sung by his classmates. My son is normally very shy and nervous, but put him on the stage to sing or read and he beams. One of his parts was to read " on dasher, on dancer on comet on cupid..." and he managed to get it all out. Me, my tongue gets tied trying to read it at home to the kids, nevermind putting me on stage in front of the whole school. One more christmas concert tomorrow, a basketball tournement this weekend, frantic last minute shopping for all the things I thought I bought, MIL to arrive and before you know it Santa will be here. Better get a move on.


haze said...

Must Have looks great. I have the pattern, but cannot decide on a color. How many skeins of the peruvian did you use? I have 10 in one color and 11 in another. I doubt it will be enough, but both colors are long gone from elann.

Michelle D. said...

I used 11 balls out of the 13 I bought for this pattern in the medium size with some length mods to the arms and body. I shortened the arms and made the body longer. My mom has short little arms and the pattern is a bit short in length for a mom cardigan and she is well breasted ;)I would be wary about going ahead with only 11 balls though.

zibibbo said...

Lovley work!! And IT'S HERE!! OHmygosh, thank you thank you thank you!