Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm still working on the last piece of Starsky, but I can see the light. I can't wait to get this cardigan completed so that I can wear it. So far this is my progress.

Back, 2 sleeves, left front, beginning of right front.

A few rows were accomplished last night at KnitNite. We have moved our KnitNite to Wednesday and moved our location to a local knitting store. The knitting store is conveniently located(or not, if your one of those people who likes to save money) in the lower level of my office building. Our commited knitters attended KnitNite on Valentine's day, we are a dedicated group! I may have purchased more yarn (not one of those people), so that when the urge strikes I can knit Neoknits Green Apple , and 4 balls of sock yarn to knit a new sock pattern.

Would you believe, a women new to our group, set a goal to use all the yarn from her stash BEFORE she purchased any new yarn! I know I couldn't believe it either. Yet there she sat. knitting a baby blanket with new yarn. Abracadabra, stash be gone! OMG, a wonder of our time, I'm sure. I will leave you to ponder the thought of tackling your stash. I got hives just thinking about it.


Ragan said...

Wow! It is going to be lovely. :)

LDF said...

Me ... stashless? What a horrid thought! LOL! Starsky looks lovely.