Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seattle in Review

My time in Seattle was fantastic! There are so many things I didn't get a chance to do. I really want to make it back there someday. I think it is a perfect family trip I know my family would really enjoy it. I stayed a block away from the Space Needle / Seattle Center, which was a great location for me. I cruised on the monorail and did some shopping in the area where the monorail stops. I also walked to Pike Place Market but unfortunately it was late and it was RAINING to hard to get a feel for it. Enjoy the photo journal! (Now you should be able to click on the photo's to make them larger, however blogger has hexed me on this issue so I will cross my fingers)
My artsy fartsy attempt of the Space Needle
Look wayyy up.

If you're in Seattle you have to watch Grey's no?. The sock and I missed it on Thursday, but we hooked up with the "gang" Friday on the net.

My favorite shot, The ferris wheel in Seattle Center.

Can't forget the Carousel.

The monorail coming through the EMP - Experience Music Project building

I took the monorail to help get me here Pike Place Market.

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