Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What happens in Seattle...

....Stays in Seattle! Hahaha, kidding!

I am finally getting around to showing you the yarn that I smuggled out of Seattle ( I may have told a little white one when I filled out my customs declaration) and into my home ( I may also have told a little white one there too).

The colours are not that true here, sorry.

Lorette & Kris picked me up at my hotel our Yarnadventure started at a great little shop with an awesome name, So Much Yarn... Not wanting get to carried away at the first shop I didn't purchase alot. However, it was here I purchased the yarn to mark my trip to Seattle. Hand-Dyed, sock yarn in a self-striping Seattle Seahawks colourway by Caryn's Creations. I was so glad I bought this, I love the colours, which are more grey/blue, navy and lime green than the picture suggests.

On to The Fiber Gallery where we got a great parking spot, it was meant to be! If you go to Lorette's March 19th post you will find some photos of this shop, as well as me wearing my completed Starsky cardigan. I may have purchased "some" Lorna's Laces here. Best part of that was shopping by "proxy" for a friend of mine, the Jeans colourway I bought is misisng from the photo above and I must admit I almost didn't want to give it up.

We went to lunch, then on to bigger and better things, Weaving Works. This shop was my favourite shop of the trip. I could see a recipe for bank account disaster if I should ever decide to relocate to Seattle. Cascade superwash 220, KOIGU, two skiens of natural color Kona Superwash found their way into my basket. All in all I had the best time, and I am very happy with the yarn I brought home.

Lorette and Kris were fabulous hosts, Lorette scouted out yarn shops and their directions. She did a fine job of keeping me out of any bad yarn shops. Kris graciously provided our transportation, and did a fine job navigating the narrowist streets I have ever seen. Thank you girls, I hope to come back again.
Oh and whats worse than forgetting your camera? Not taking any pictures with the camera in your purse! I did take one picture, but I am an asshat photographer and it didn't turn out. Agghhhh!!!!!


Kris said...

It was great meeting you and hanging out for the day!

Lorette said...

It was a great day all the way around! I'm glad you enjoyed it, too. Come back anytime (another excuse for shopping).