Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mother Trucker

JessaLu was interested in our new vechicle so here is a picture I grabbed from the web. I have not yet taken a picture of it, come to think of it I haven't used the camera in eons! This our first brand new truck, we have owned two others, but they have been used. Just yesterday a friend was enjoying the "new car" smell. This will make our upcoming road trip a little more enjoyable. We are extremely happy with it, it had exactly what we were looking for. Good thing because this is it for a long time!

Before this very substantial purchase I was trying to talk my husband into a trailer. I think that I will eventually wear him down and hopefully we can manage a used trailer before next camping season. Because after tenting a few weeks ago my husband now agrees that tenting is not for us! And JessaLu, the earplugs made camping more enjoyable, because when you sleep in a tent that squirrel who was so cute the night before is not so cute chattering at 4:30 am when the sun comes up. Nor for that matter is the freakin' crow caaaaaaaa-ing for the zillionth time in the tree above your tent. Don't get me wrong I love nature, just not when I'm sleeping with it!


Shelley said...

Congrats on the new truck...Very pretty! Hope you have a great vacay!

JessaLu said...

VERY nice! ;o)

I needed earplugs because our tent was located at the top of the 'racing hill' and some little brat kept running his damned big wheel at all fricken hours. Nature I can handle, big wheels, however, are way too fricken loud.

Kathy said...

JessaLu is BEAUTIFUL. You ought to knit a pattern up and call it Jessalu!