Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shit Happens

Yes I am sure you have all expired waiting for pictures, those of you that still check back here that is. It seems time has a way of getting lost these past few months. Seeing as you have already expired I guess there isn't any rush for a picture. HA! I still don't have one.

Many things have happened, most I have forgotten I'm sure. So the few things I can remember:

I purchased an IPOD nano, and became a member of
Audible (which I love btw) Plugged in to a great book with some sock knitting, what better way to tune out the world?

I had my laptop repaired and my pictures recovered. KAAAAA CHING! Funny how I said I would be extremely grateful if I could just get my pictures back, however it still stung when I learned that my files in the MY DOCUMENTS weren't recovered. Oh well!

We had a fantastic camping trip the Canada long weekend. Pomtini's + sun, friends, lake = fun camping and
tent + earplugs = better sleep!

We purchased a new vehicle.

We leave next week for a two week holiday, so I probably won't be around to often, so please for those of you who value your life, don't hold your breath waiting for another post! LOL

1 comment:

JessaLu said... least you got your pictures...right? :o\

All I needed was earplugs to have a good time on our camping trip? Crap. (btw, instead of 'trip' I typed 'drip'. In case you didn't see the camping posts, it rained.)

What kinda car? Is it cool? Pretty color? Details!!