Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tieing the Knoose, I mean the Knot

Well, it seems the I managed to fall off planet at some point, happy to say I have returned. I hope to get back to regular posting and regular knitting. I haven't been doing alot of knitting, and I have been scouring my patterns, magazines and the internet for inspiration. That isn't always a good thing, now I want to make everything. Since it has been so long I won't try and remember what I have been doing in my blogging absence. But I will start with the one thing that marked the summer of 2006 for our family.

The youngest of my brothers got married on August 19th and the wedding was exceptional. The bride was to goregous for words, and a really great addition to the family. Great for us maybe not so great for her. *snicker, snicker* she may be rethinking her I do's! LOL.

I cried like you wouldn't believe, before, during, and after the ceremony and again at the reception. My brother and I are three years apart and as much as we fought during our childhood,teenage, and even our adult years I guess he kinda grew on me! I was really surprised at how emotional I got, well not really, but damn I didn't think I would cry that much. All of our immediate family and all of the bride's immediate family were in attendance. I didn't get as many photos with the digital camera as I liked but I will show you those I love
My brother the Groom
The male half of the wedding party, All 3 of my brothers and my son's K&L

The ring bear/pillow guy, L

The deed's done let's getta out here.

MR. & MRS.


LDF said...

Handsome looking fellas!

JessaLu said...

Congratulations to your brother and his new wife :o)