Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bits and Bites

This weekend was a good friends birthday and I was able to complete her birthday socks on time. I love to knit socks for her, she loves them. I made a personalized sock band for her and away they went.
Another picture I found while looking for bloggable stuff was this fantastic picture my co-worker took of a local eagle. Cranky looking thing, maybe he forgot to sweep the nest out!
The seaplane picture was taken today, YUCK. Today is cold and wet. I look forward to warmer weather soon. I will pray to mother nature as my son does. "Muser Nature please bring me some SUN!
And the last picture is a beautiful Kiri Shawl knit by my friend S, in a gorgeous Kid Silk Haze. While the shawl is fabulous the picture is not. Hey I'm a knitter, not a photographer!
Oh and late last week I received an email from my sock pal (whom I believe is blogless) that she is indeed in the witness protection program (hence the bloglessness) and was in fear for her life that particluar week because Mickey Blue Eyes was at the local diner out in the sticks, askin' questions.
So she has since been relocated, and the socks are on their way. I hope Shifty Jackie Santoro hasn't tracked that package to me cause, I'll sing like a songbird, take the socks and Fuggeddaboutit!


JessaLu said...

The socks look great!

We have a couple of eagles around here and they always look cranky ;o)

LDF said...

Too cool! I recognize that shawl! I'm sure loving your town ... fabulous weather so far.

Shelley said...

I love that shawl! Beutiful color. Those keychains are a great idea too!