Monday, May 01, 2006

This and That and another WIP

*edited again to fix my unclickable picture problem, one can hope it worked.*

Well the posting has been close to non-exsisting, my knitting has not. Although I have been knitting, nothing much has been accomplished. It seems I have a case of startitis. Thankfully, I have restrained from casting on for everything that has caught my fancy, and I tell you ALOT has caught my fancy. I have bought yarn, and cruised for patterns, I started another a pair of socks, and a Kiri shawl, I picked up my crocheted blanket again. Truth be told I only chose the blanket because I wanted to knit so many things I didn't know where to start, so the crochet blanket served it's time. The Purple People Eater is almost complete (that's an old picture BTW). So the WIP list grows, and the languishing projects languish longer.

Here is the downfall of having a yarn store downstairs from your place of work. My friend also fills in for the yarn shop owner on occasion, and this was the conversation: "Hi Michelle, she just got in the yarn I was talking about, bring the pattern I gotta knit it now!" "Alright I'll be right down" When all I can think while grabbing my wallet and running out the door is "BRING A GURNEY WE HAVE A KNITTER DOWN, SHE'S MUST HAVE GONE INTO A MOHAIR INDUCED COMA, PUSH 100 GRAMS OF MERINO SOCK YARN AND CHECK HER VITALS AGAIN!" Really a friends gotta do what a friends gotta do. Ok, so it was less dramatic than that, but dramatic is way more fun. Of course some of that lace weight mohair/silk made it's way home for me to cast on for Kiri immediately, friends support friend remember.

Last but not least the Sockapaloooza socks will be making their way to their new owner tomorrow. Can't wait to see where mine come from.

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JessaLu said...

Your Kiri is going to be beautiful :o)