Saturday, April 15, 2006

That Bunny Has the Sixth Sense

The Easter bunny made an appearance at our house. He just about hopped away with my new sock WIP, but not before I got a picture. Those socks are the start of Susan's great pattern (check out her April 2 post) the Sixth Sense Socks for the Sixth Sense Knit Along. The yarn is a self stripping in blues and greys by DGB Confetti. I have never attempted a short-row heel so if you here any cursing that would be me, I apologize in advance. Here's a close up of the the six stitch, six row repeat, sixth sense sox. Say that six times fast.

Happy Easter

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Patti said...

Welcome to 6Sox. It looks like you're making progress on sock one. They knit up pretty fast. I just finished my pair. Hope you enjoy the group.