Sunday, April 09, 2006

ARRRGH Matey, we have sock progress

Yesterday was "L's" birthday party, he turns 5 on Easter Sunday, so we had an early birthday celebration. We had a great turn out, well great if you enjoy 18 children under 5. That wasn't a typo I really did say 18! We hade the children walk the plank, a treasure toss, and a treasure chest pinata. I've never held a party for this many children before but all went wall, with only two incidents both involving my pirate, of course.
I decorated the cake above using a Pirates Lego set, plastic gold coins, Hershey's almond and toffee chocolate "treasure chests" and graham crackers for sand and dyed sugar for water. I was very happy with how it turned out and the kids loved it.
This cosutme was really great, it is a cinderalla costume one side of the costume for when she scrubs floors, and when you turn it inside out it's a beautiful gown, to wear with her glass slippers. And the delinquent mother that I am I don't have a digital picture of my own children dressed up. My digital camera didn't like the lighting in the gymnasium.

And last but not least my sockapaloooza socks are almost complete, I am on the homestretch of the second sock. This picture is of the first sock but I have marked with the blue line where I am at on the second one. While I am not completely satisfied with them, they are growing on me.


JessaLu said...

I had to read the '18 children under 5' three times...I'm still recovering from the shock of envisioning such things...

Ina said...

Love the cake! And the socks are hot, hot, hot!

Katherine said...

Those socks are fantastic! Great colors. Cake baking, sock making, kid wrangling--you are amazing!

Kathy said...


The gown, unbelievable. I love it. My neice would love it. How will you be sure to save it safely for another time?

Your socks are great as well.

Enjoy your posts.